“The Frenchman, more than anyone else, is the embodiment of the dispossessed, the destitute. His hatred of foreigners is based on his hatred of himself as a foreigner. [...]  We have arrived at a point of privation where the only way to feel French is to curse the immigrants and those who are more visibly foreign. In this country, the immigrants assume a curious position of sovereignty: if they weren’t here, the French might stop existing.”

                                                                                                                            The invisible committee, The coming insurrection



Your debate on national identity stinks…


Here's why:

Because French nation is, like any other, a mere social construct. Nationalism created nations, not the other way round.

Because the our ancestors the Gauls” is just a big joke...but a die-hard one. The ancestors of the 65 million people living in France today were all but Gauls.

Because the proponents of French national identity haven't even read the author (and a damn reactionary one) whom they claim to get inspiration from: Ernest Renan. Ernest Renan said: The oversight, and I would even say the historical mistake are essential factors of the build of a nation.”

Because this debate allows Sarkozy to make shameless lies. He said: Nothing is less dangerous for democracy and freedom than the Republic, even a united and indivisible one. For two centuries, except the bloody experience of the Terror, no totalitarianism has threatened our freedom. Because French culture is unbending to totalitarianism”. But wasn't Nazism a totalitarianism who threatened our freedom? Didn't it killed hundreds of thousands of people in France during the Occupation? Would the President have something against History?

Because all this political and journalistic hustle and bustle about national identity only aims at getting back the votes from the FN in the next local elections.

Because the site www.debatidentitenationale.fr launched by the government is appalling. We can find there racist remarks, praises of colonization and monarchy and demented speeches on French blood”. As a side note: the purer” the Frenchman pretends to be, the less he actually knows how to write proper French.

Because there is an economic crisis and the bourgeoisie wants us to forget that its capitalist system is the only cause. The crisis increases the discrimations against minorities (Blacks, Arabs...).

Because, speaking of xenophobia, the left wing widely prepared the ground for the right wing. Nobody forced the “Socialist” Guy Mollet to support French Algeria nor Mitterrand to build the first centers to incarcerate illegal immigrants. And you can't make much more chauvinistic than the French “Communist” Party.

Because the traitor unions also take part in the defense of national identity. The CGT and CFDT unions didn't even need the police to push away the illegal immigrants staying in theirs buildings: their security services dealt with them.

Because our “identity” isn't national but proletarian and revolutionary. We do not care about borders. We will always feel closer to a worker on strike, even if he lives in Beijing, than to a businessman, even if it's our neighbour.

Because we are at war, and we'll never be on the same side as Éric Besson, Jean-Marie Le Pen or Marie-Ségolène Royal.

For all these reasons, and a few more, your debate on national identity stinks…

…And we won't be a part of it!